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2 Design your Rug 3 Choose your Colours
Choose from over one thousand predefined colours or have your colours custom dyed to match your fabric, wallpaper or paint.
1 Choose a size 4 Your rug is made
Choose the right size for your room. Using a measuring tape measure out the area that best suits your room. If you have a large space allowing the Rug to flow to the back of the furniture can create a more luxurious feel.
Approximately three weeks from the date you order the yarn arrives at our workshop in Lucan. Your rug will then be queued for the tufting frame. Once on the tufting frame a standard size rug of 2.4m x 1.7m would take 3-4 days to finish. Your rug will be ready for collection or delivery.
Visit our showroom in Lucan Co. Dublin where we will help you design your own Rug or you can choose from our selection of Designs.